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Doing The Street Tour Was One Of The Most Amazing Experiences!


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If you did not already know! Most of the money earned goes to the slum! For the school, street projects, families in need and the list goes on. Visit the slum in Delhi, India with us and make a difference!

What Can We Offer?


Private Slum Tour

 Do you want a private tour? A live tour of the slums? Or a tour if you are a visitor of Delhi in India?

Cooking Class & Street Tour

 Cooking class & Street your of the slums in Delhi, India! We focus on the wellbeing of all in the slums. We work on uplifting kids and the society. 


Street performer Walk

 We wonder when the tourists come to India and see the people performances on the street and ask where they come from? We have an answer.

Follow us on Twitch!

 If you do want a private live tour where you also support the slums! Contact us! But do not forget to drop a follow on our Twitch channel for free to see watch our free live streams of the slums in Delhi, India.

Our Happy Customers

Slam tour with Santan - amazing experience!
Vert interesting and a lot different from what I imagined.
Santan pick me up from the metro station nearby, answer any question and know literally everyone in this slam!
MUST if you are staying in Delhi

Regev Fatal - Solo traveller

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