So we just had our first Private virtual tour in the slums here in Delhi, India done and the guest`s words in short are these: "Fantastic virtual tour!"

I have been lucky enough to visit this slum in person with Santan before. It was such a joy to visit again on this virtual tour. A great option if you are interested in learning about what slums a really like. Always filled with joy for me! Highly recommend this virtual tour! Want a private tour yourself of the slums in Delhi, India?

Or do you want to see any other place in Delhi? - We can help you with virtual tours in Delhi, India and also!

Know that money goes towards us helping those who live here and that is in the need.

We do also help a lot with the education and bunch of other stuff in the slum!

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A walk in the slums of Delhi in India that also mean a lot for those who live there!

Another one of the great feedbacks we have been give on Trip advisors page for Street tours India!

The slum tour with Santan and Jaun was the highlight of my recent trip to Delhi. Away from the usual tourist traps, it was good for me to see how the people really live and support themselves, and despite their poverty, they seem to be healthy and happy, esp. the children, who were so friendly, playful and followed us everywhere! Santan and Jaun know the people in the slum community well and have developed good relationships with them by providing the children with free tutorials/lessons in basic language and arithmetic skills. Because of this, the people in the community were welcoming and open to our presence. Many of them were willing to be photographed, or even asked me to photograph them. I really appreciated this rare and unique opportunity to meet and interact with them during the 2 hour tour. I only wish it were longer! Keep up your good work, Santan and Jaun!

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We jumped on this "A walk through the slums of Delhi, India"

Alf Hansen was a visitor of Street tours India and this is what he wrote about us on the Trip advisor page!

Two really excellent guides Santan and Jaun took took a small group of people safely through this area, letting us learn and experience some of the daily life and hardship of the people living here.

The children that we met really made an impact on me and specially little Saheem (3 y old.)

Learning that improvement in terms of education of the children is in some progress is very uplifting to hear. Education is so very important. If I go back to delhi some day I will do this trip one more time.


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