A walk through the slums in India!

New Delhi slum walking tour!

In March, 2021 we had a visitor who wrote this on our Trip Advisor page!

I was the only one on Santan’s tour of the slums. We stopped a lot as he was interacting with the locals. We visited a kitchen where I was offered to “help”. I gave it a try. As other people have said the people were friendly. I mostly interacted with the children. Word got out that an American was visiting and I had a following of children which I loved! I visited a school where the children wanted to learn an American game so I taught them duck, duck, goose. The kids love interacting with me and practicing their English. Once we got to the slums my tour down there was about an hour. I tracked it on my phone, it was about a 1/2 mile of walking. Bring hand sanitizer with you and wipes if you help in the kitchen to get the flour off your hands. When Santan meet me he asked if I had something to cover my shoulders, so ladies make sure your knees and shoulders are covered on this tour. I felt safe the whole time. Thank you again!

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