Needs to be done!

A visitor once wrote "Needs to be done" on the Trip advisor page for Street tours India that we run. And we feel this is a common thing on the thoughts for what we do.

New Delhi slum walking tour.

We are so proud of what we do, but to read our reviews just is a big proof for everyone and this feels so good to see.

Here is another review taken from Street tours India`s - Trip Advisor page.

A fascinating day out.

Well organised and our guide john and his friend ( I’m so sorry I forget your name !!! ) were great hosts , felt at ease instantly . the slums were such an eye opener but aside from the conditions and lack of opportunity I’ve never visited a community so warm and friendly, the smiles and laughter was infectious .

A day that we will still be thinking about for years to come

It’s a must see !!!

Keep up the good work lads with the charity it’s doing great things

Did you know that we now do Street and slum tours on Twitch? We do live street and slum tours on our Twitch channel with the option to support if you can!

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