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As we have gone on with street tours India for a while we have a lot of reviews written from the visitors we have toured. There has been so many great moments and all of these have given back for us to keep doing what we do, but also contributed a lot to the slums!

Are you in Delhi, India and want a street tour that provides help for those in need?

Contact us so we can give you a tour you will never forget that also contributes for the greater good!

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Regev Fatal

AMAZING! Slum tour with Santan - amazing experience!
Vert interesting and a lot different from what I imagined.
Santan pick me up from the metro station nearby, answer any question and know literally everyone in this slum! MUST if you are staying in Delhi

Date of experience: March 2020


We were nervous about seeing the slums but we met 2 amazing people that want to make a change there. They are teaching the children in the slums and building them a library! It was amazing to see it and we will definitely come back to help!

Date of experience: February 2019

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Jacqui F

We initially organised to meet with the children who live under the Zakhira Flyover who attended a school on the rooftop of a home. However, we ended up meeting and greeting so many other people that it was an amazing experience. Read more here


Date of experience: December 2018


The experience in the slum is not something you can easily get anywhere. It was eye opening and so full of love. My friends and I loved everywhere that’s Santan took us in Delhi and Rajasthan and he became a friend as well as a tour guide. If you are looking for a tour company that will take care of you, give you a sense of ease in India and show you the beauty of the country, book with Santan!

Date of experience: November 2018



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