Virtual walk through one of the largest slum in Asia.

We now offer  private online tour  so that anyone from anywhere in the world can contribute to what we do but also at the same time get a unique experience!

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Introducing Virtual Tours/Book now your Virtual Tour!

Virtual walk through one of the largest slum in Asia.


Online Experience hosted by 'Street Tour's India' 

- 60 minutes - Hosted in English 15 USD per participant.


Join Online

 Meet your host live on Zoom. (Other platforms is also possible) 

 Available for groups of upto 6 participants. 


What will we do?


We will connect through a conference video call and while you're sitting comfortably in your home we will take you around one of the largest slum in Delhi.


We will start with crossing a train track which people use to enter their homes.We will walk through.Will keeping walking inside with the things you see happening every day.We later walk to the chapati factory where they produce more than ten thousand chapatis a day and deliver into the market.


Please note:Tours between 10:30 am(IST) on Saturday and 4:00 pm(IST) on Sunday will be live.

Other times will be also live but through the live streaming on Twitch/Instagram/Facebook.

Images from our Street tour!

IF we are not online you can always follow us on Twitch so you will be updated when the next stream will be on!


Want a private street tour?

 You can always support us buying a private tour. A tour that goes under your wishes related to what will be shown and what we do on the live stream (Money goes to run what we do and to help on uplifting the slum!)

Are you in India?

 Do you want to go for a street tour? Just share some of your joy while learning what is going on in the slums of Delhi, in India?